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Blood and ink


Darkening image

Darkening image

Inky blood

Ink and blood

Ink and blood

Saved by the ink

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‘A Change gonna come’

‘A Change gonna come’.

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

In winter snow

No summer blossom,but decorated with some free snow

That fell  to earth last week

Changing the townscape into a white and black image

The tree shyly flaunts her beauty

And how daintily the black and white cat

with the long soft fur

stepped like a lady in high heels

going to a party

with jewels in her hair.

Tree under the new moon


What  ceremonious geometry

Can describe the sympathy of the parts to the whole.

What self can contain the feelings engendered by

the response of the heartl of the tree

to the space and  light offered

and how the clouds float away on the wind

as I stand ,hand on my throat gazing

and the new moon points me out

Tree and shadow


What  is it about shadows?We mat spin around but we can  never catch our shadow.

In  some psychological theories the shadow represents the hidden and u nknown aspect of the person.

So the upright ,observant person may secretly be a tax evader and a wife beater.Or worse.But it’s very painful to discover one’s own shadow.But if not aware of our other neglected aspects we may do bad deeds.

I think this is why humility and forgiveness are emphasised in many religions

“There but for the grace of God go I”

For the apple tree life is much simpler.

So let’s enjoy Nature and rest in it

I shall and I hope you will too



Light and shadows..the brighter the light,the darker the shadows.Too much light is blinding and hence leads to darkness

in the vision.In midwinter we ss the strangest effects of a brilliant sun very low in the sky.This can cause a problem for cyclists

who can ride into a wall un those conditions.This once happened to me.I flew back and upwards.It was caused because I was wearing some distance vision glasses rather than my usual varifocals.SoWhen I looked down I did not see the usual view of the edge of the pavemt.By great good fortune I had no serious injuries.Just shock…and the flight was really amazing.

Tree in winter


I have found looking at the apple tree very moving.
Until we came here I had never seen one.
Now it’s getting old;all its companions have gone
See how beautifully,how graciously
it accepts the light
and how it’s twisted over the years
following the sun.
See its shadow on the fence..
How trees beguile our hearts.
I began this post as prose
but then I can’t resist singing

Fifty gray shades


I don’t need a book to give me permission for loving my way

Gray is in the mind of the beholder

Meditation on a flower photo


Midwinter and dead roses make
The images of summer flowers
seem like a dream.Then I remember:

Zen saying

Sitting quietly doing nothing,
spring come
and the grass grows by itself



Every house has a different front path.

Som plain. Some specially designed.

We all have different pathways through life.

A path; a journey; a destination.




To pretend complete innocence is the act of the fearful

Blue dream

Blue dream

The joy of the blues

Soup to bring you good luck

Good luck soup… boil a horse shoe in water with an onion,a bayleaf and some cloves,then liquidise it.Eat with a fork and a slice off your bedImage
As you make your bed,do not lie any more when in it.
Tell the truth or shame the weevils
Clean sheets gather up moths.
Too many  lovers   crossing create wrath on your path.
Keep it simple.Keep it plain
I shall never love again.
It’s the pain…unshared.

The Rose


As the last  rose dies

My heart too  seems to fail.

Yet, when a sparrow flies,

It, fragile, beats  the  gale.


Light burns


We long for light

Yet too much is  as blinding as none.

The sun needs worship

and God burns  forever without destruction.

We cannot see himl only the candle which is a symbol we can bear.

Fellow Creatures at Christmas: a Ranter’s Yuletide Fable

Fellow Creatures at Christmas: a Ranter’s Yuletide Fable

Do read this.. it’s wonderful

.March 2012 087




Patterns of bare branches against winter sky.

Hard outside to protect the channels

Through which new life is already beginning to rise.

Admire these branches as they withstand winter cold.

They do not know and do their work regardless of  admiration,envy or malice,

So they can be a symbol of our task to continue living with trust and hope

despite all the alternatives we are offered daily by the press and media.

Keep living,Keep loving