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Blood and ink


Darkening image

Darkening image

Inky blood

Ink and blood

Ink and blood

Saved by the ink

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‘A Change gonna come’

‘A Change gonna come’.

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

In winter snow

No summer blossom,but decorated with some free snow

That fell  to earth last week

Changing the townscape into a white and black image

The tree shyly flaunts her beauty

And how daintily the black and white cat

with the long soft fur

stepped like a lady in high heels

going to a party

with jewels in her hair.

Tree under the new moon


What  ceremonious geometry

Can describe the sympathy of the parts to the whole.

What self can contain the feelings engendered by

the response of the heartl of the tree

to the space and  light offered

and how the clouds float away on the wind

as I stand ,hand on my throat gazing

and the new moon points me out